One Nickel’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program


Program Mission

To nurture and support local business and budding entrepreneurship in the Philadelphia area by:

  • Providing educational resources and learning opportunities
  • Connecting business owners to mentors, industry leaders, and other resources; and
  • Growing an active support network of regional entrepreneurs


Program Components

Each year, we will select a diverse group of dedicated creators and entrepreneurs to participate in our creators-in-residence program, supporting them as they take their vision to the next level. Over the course of twelve months, our dynamic workshop-centered program will connect them with the education, resources,  networks, and business strategies necessary to grow their brands. We will tap into our network of production pros, business buffs, marketing mavens, and entrepreneurial experts to guide these visionaries to their goals. At the end of the year, the Creators-in-Residence (CIR) will have access to our active alumni community, which continues to stay connected through programming and events.

Business Boot Camp

CIR will attend a one-week immersion with industry professionals, providing guidance and uncovering strategies, tips, and tactical methods for personalized success:

  • Business Planning and Development
  • Personal Branding and Social Media Presence
  • Digital Marketing Methods
  • Retail and Merchandising
  • Building and Developing Relationships
  • Business Legal and Financial 101


Monthly Mentorship Series

As part of a comprehensive curriculum, participants will have access to 50+ business workshops, all based around a different monthly focus and taught by a diverse mix of industry leaders. Workshops will cover a wide range of material, beginning with planning, branding, and other core components of growing a business, and extending to topics such as trend forecasting, retail pricing and cost/value analysis, sourcing and production, finance management, and more. After undergoing this curriculum, the creators will have the essential business tools to maintain, manage and grow a successful company.


Promotion and Exposure

Through video interviews, features on MainStCEO, social media promotion, and more, creators and their businesses will have ample opportunities for publicity. Pop-up shops, a display window at the One Nickel Coworking building, and other special events throughout the year will give our creators continued exposure, as well as varied avenues to showcase and sell their work.


Industry Visits

Creators will have the opportunity to attend various wholesale trade shows and meet with local business owners, gaining more insight about how to grow their brands.


Meetings and Mentorship

Throughout the year, business owners will hold meetings and consultations to share their buying, pricing and merchandising strategies, and to give CIR the opportunity to present samples from their inventory. CIR will also meet monthly with our mentor panel for input on their market research, brand strategy, and business plans, and to work through any obstacles. This team of mentors will also be available over the course of the residency, advising and guiding creators whenever necessary.


Legal Assistance

Lawyers will hold monthly meetings with CIR to provide pro-bono assistance with trademark and copyright registration, non-disclosure agreements, and contracts. CIR will have the opportunity during these times to clear up any questions related to business law.


Full details and application available soon.