Why Choose One Nickel?

by admin7

The Historic Nickels Building offers members well-appointed flexible office space, conference rooms, meeting rooms and event space in 6000 square feet in the heart of Manayunk. One Nickel Coworking is also offering an industry first; Retail “CoSelling”.  Members may have the opportunity to show and sell their wares in our gorgeous front windows and also in some dedicated space near the front entrance. Main Street Manayunk is a destination shopping district so retails is an important and natural fit

We’ve worked hard to come up with uses, plans, prices and perks that offer members a flexible and collaborative space in which they can work, learn, create, exhibit, market and celebrate. The key word in this statement is flexible; a space that is able to quickly transform into whatever use is needed.

Most of the plans and services at One Nickel Coworking will be tailored to the goals of our members.  We will rely on member feedback to ensure that we are offering services that add value to your lives, and daily work routines.  For instance, if what you really need is just a private and comfortable place to meet your customers or clients then you may want to inquire about a conference room only package. Why pay for a permanent desk or office if it’s more than you need. What if you only want to conference space?  We’ve got a plan for that as well. Need a safe and convenient place to have your online purchases delivered? One Nickel Coworking will offer small envelope and package receiving. You can join just for that or add it on to another plan. We’ll receive your package, store it in a locked space and text you that its arrived.  This idea was brought to us by a new member, he simply asked us a question, we listened and we evolved. It’s a perfect example of One Nickel Coworking culture.

If you work independently, but find that working from home is not as productive as being out in a vibrant atmosphere then One Nickel Coworking may be a good fit for you. Our goal is simple; provide a comfortable and supportive work environment, at wallet friendly plan pricing. In addition each plan comes with member credits that may be applied towards products and services offered at One Nickel Coworking. The credits are listed in both of the tables on this page. They may be used a payment for, printing, copying, conference rooms, lockers, food and beverages, or upgraded supplies.  The credits do not roll over but each month all remaining credits will be swept into the One Nickel Community Fund, a fund that grants individuals and groups free or significantly reduced fee access to plans, programs and services available at The Nickels Building.

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